Life Lately

Posts have been coming few and far between these days, I will admit. I can’t say that life has been abnormally busy or  all-consuming, but I will say that sometimes when I sit to count the number of waking hours I have left at the end of the day, once you take into account the time spent working, commuting, exercising, tending to my still laid up mother, dinner making and other daily household chores, and tending to a very busy and not yet perfectly house-trained puppy…why, that is a very tiny number indeed. And we don’t even have kids yet :-s

When I first started this blog, it seemed I always had something to write about, to say, to share, or at the least document for myself. Lately, it feels the words won’t flow as they did, the inspiration isn’t as loud as it was, bits of my life doesn’t seem to warrant documenting. Because let’s be honest, in the big picture it’s not much more unique than the average every day lower to middle class person.

I wouldn’t be a blogger if I didn’t also enjoy reading other blogs. I tend to gravitate towards the outdoorsy, adventure blogs or the women DIYer blogs. I suppose I look to them for direction and inspiration in my own life, as well as keeping that little dream fire from snuffing out when life gets too monotonous and predictable.

It can become a slippery slope all to easily, however. Instead of simply serving as a reminder to keep doing and reaching for the things I enjoy and that challenge me, I start to let them become too important. I start to base my success or demise on being able to accomplish what all of these other people are able to accomplish and document on their blogs. Or Instagram. Or Facebook. Or .  The focus starts to shift to a competitive one of staying “relevant” and “interesting”, instead the focus on the journey, the bettering of one self as a human being, and helping of others. And boy, it can be a hard cycle to beat. Especially with the huge influx of social media in our society.

 So what does one do?

Most obviously, I have pondered simply giving up social media for a while. To focus on reconnecting with the living, breathing people and experiencing for myself the beautiful  scenery that has been limited to me by a computer screen. I know I’m in sore need of that, as I’m sure many can attest. I do believe it would pump a bit more meaning, wholesomeness, and fulfillment back into life. If you think about it, how much time do we spend trying to document our lives, so that we can upload and share with the world this amazing instance that is happening to us and in the process completely miss out on the experience itself? We are all guilty.

But…at the same time…I have a hard time truly saying that all social media is all bad. I am writing a blog, after all. There is no shame in documenting your life’s journey through a camera or video recording or your written words. Social media is a form of communication in and of itself, and a powerful one at that. When used wisely, honestly, and non-egoistically, it actually is an amazing tool we have to connect with others that we never would have been able to reach before. It’s a powerful medium to share ideas, gain and provide inspiration, to express and listen to opinions, and to find common minds. It’s also a fun and interesting way to learn about the human race in general, as it is quite a fishbowl if you let it be.

The conclusion I’m settling on: everything in moderation. Strive not to live your life staring at a screen. Document your life if you want, but do it for the right reasons, and don’t ever let that become more important than fulling immersing yourself in and experiencing what you are trying so hard to document in the first place. Yes, it may mean putting the phone or the camera down. Or, …shutting it off completely, if the temptation is too strong.

As for blogging, while I may not be posting every week as before, I still plan to blog, as a creative outlet, as a way to express my thoughts and ideas, as a way to document for myself the personal journeys I take myself on. And to hopefully serve as a little inspiration for others as they have served to inspire me. However, I strive to not become part of the race and the competition of social media – likes, views, etc. That is not why I come here.


….remodel credit goes solely to Frankie on this one…

This guy has contributed a few grey hairs to our heads and a few more laugh lines on our faces. We love him to pieces.


Sunday mornings spent planning spring adventures over a hot cuppa – mmhmm.

 Yes, I still prefer paper maps over GPS 🙂


Spring is here!

This means more walks for everyone! This particular walk also marked Frankie’s first tumble into the slough, further cementing his resolve to never be a water dog.


“For me, life is continuously being hungry. The meaning of life is not simply to exist, to survive, but to move ahead, to go up, to achieve, to conquer.”

“Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decided not to surrender, that is strength.”

Arnold Schwarzenagger

Upping the ante this year and just got registered for the full Tough Mudder this summer! 10-12 miles infused with crazy obstacles and a whole lotta mud.

What I love about the Mudder is that it isn’t necessarily about challenging yourself against others (although, they do have ‘timed’ options to partake in), but more about challenging yourself against yourself. Half physical endurance, half mental grit.

If you’re having trouble staying motivated on your fitness journey, find something like this to sign up for. Obstacle courses, marathons, triathalons, 5K, 10Ks, summiting a mountain, whatever floats your boat and makes you challenge yourself. It’s ok if it scares you a little bit. Coming from a person who has never been very goal-oriented, having a deadline or event to direct your training towards can be huge in keeping you committed. Or sometimes just knowing that you shelled out a sizable chunk of change for entrance fees months in advance will be motivation enough 😉


Evening runs in the country and tiny running buddies



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