Favorite Things

 Life lately: It seems as though, while I’m not necessarily logging more hours than normal at work, work has been all-consuming lately. Even when I’m not physically at work, it seems to follow me home and I’ll find myself thinking about what went on that day or certain cases or whatever when I’m not even on the clock. I’m not sure why this is happening (although my guess is that probably cabin fever is to blame), but it’s not good. There definitely needs to be a separation if one is to maintain a reasonable level of sanity.

So here are some things that have filled my life in other good ways lately.

My grandmother’s recipe box



I never met my maternal grandmother, as she died way before I was even born. But I (somewhat) recently received a belated wedding present from my cousin that was a conglomeration of various mementos from my mom’s side of the family, one of them being this old recipe box that belonged to my Grandma Bernice. Inside were various recipes she had collected – some 50 to 60 year old clippings, some written in her own hand. A very special gift. My other favorite part of the gift was an old milk can from Mom’s childhood dairy farm – I plan to somehow fashion a wood table top to it and have it serve as a side table to the swing on our front porch.

Living like eskimos

In an effort to conserve our electric bill, D and I braved the bitterest of sub-zero wintery temperatures (for weeks on end…) in a very chilly house. We loaded up the blankets, donned the wool socks, long underwear, and musher’s caps and just thanked God we had a roof over our heads, anyway. Thankfully, day by day it’s slowly staying warmer and our toes have finally thawed out. And…our electric bill was only marginally smaller…😣


Marital support

The school that D’s sister teaches at put on a dodgeball tournament to help raise money for the school, and D’s brother-in-law invited him onto his team. They rotated through quite a few rounds and ended up taking 2nd place in the tournament. I went along for cheering purposes and to capture my husband’s…  hmmm…shall we say, devil-may-care outfit/fashion choices to film. The four of us also had a nice evening after the game talking, drinking wine, and polishing off an almost entire loaf of Breadsmith bread in one sitting. Sometimes that just needs to happen.


Transforming the library, one project at a time

My most recent home improvement task has been finding and executing a new color for the library. My end goal was something cozy, but not oppressive, and that promoted getting lost in a good book for hours. After three separate trips to the stores and twelve different paint samples, I finally settled on Barn Red, and spent most of the weekend painting. Whomever painted most of the rooms in our house previously had done the sloppiest job I’ve probably ever seen (paint on the ceiling and all over the wood trim), so I was determined to do the neatest job possible. It was tedious, but worth it in the end. Next event in the library makeover marathon: getting the quarter-rounds cut and trying to match the stain to finish out the baseboard trim.




Warm(er) weather!

Saturday was a blessedly mild day, with temperatures in the 50s and sunshine! It feels like it’s been so long since I’ve seen that burning ball of gas! The morning was in the mid 30s, but it was just warm enough to sit on the back porch where all the sun was collecting, cozy up in a blanket, drink coffee, and read for a couple hours. The other wonderfully encouraging thing was hearing the birds! The neighborhood mourning doves were back in session and the Canadian geese were flying over head. Others may think them annoying, but they are one of my favorite things to hear and see in the spring. I love what their presence signifies.




Ruby enjoyed outdoor time immensely as well.

Unglued Craftfest

D and I checked out the Unglued Craftfest this weekend at the Plains Art Museum. It’s basically a chance for a bunch of local ‘craft’ businesses come together in one place and sell their wares, along with some craft workshops. There’s a lot of clothing, jewelry, art, baked goods, tableware, all handmade locally. I’ve grown more and more supportive of local, handmade, and well-made things over always the same old commercial churn-outs, and it was so encouraging to see so many creative minds in one place and fun to see what they’ve been able to create.

I picked up some prints from a local artist, as well as a couple goodies from my favorite cupcake place in town- Bakeology!


One last thing: The featured photo is obviously not a recent one, but one from our honeymoon. I chose it because one of the favorite things I’m looking forward to this summer is fishing. I would love to get more into fly fishing! Also looking  forward to dusting off my bow and my kayak…

Just little happy thoughts to help to cut through the cabin fever 😊


One thought on “Favorite Things

  1. Love how the library turned out – it’s definitely warm and inviting 🙂 That recipe box is such a special gift!! You’ll enjoy that for years to come. Hang in there with the cabin fever – we’re almost out of it! I’ve been trying to keep my mind off of it by planning our garden 😉

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