Favorite Things

November 30th:

The best thing about today: snow!! It was the first good snowfall of the season and it was the best kind – big beautiful flakes, wonderfully quiet. I sat on the porch swing all bundled up with a blanket, coffee, and Christmas music and watched it fall. When D got home, we took a wall around town in it and looked at the first displays of Christmas lights. It was perfect.




December 1st:

Sometimes after a long day at work dealing  with people all day, all you need is a little alone time. The evening commute always provides that in a way, but today it was even better. It was pitch dark outside and the last bit of snow was falling. Lights could be made out glowing softly in the distance, but the dark and the snow made for a calm, cozy, quiet atmosphere. I turned up the music in the car and for thirty minutes it was just me, the road and the radio.  Best part of the day.

December 2nd:

My favorite part of the day was working with good clients – people that bring a sense of humor to our day, that bring us holiday treats, that are grateful for everything we’ve done to help their pet. There is a lot of bad in the world, but any ray of good by good people makes strides in counterbalancing this.

December 3rd:

Marriage can be difficult sometimes. So much so that it eventually calls for a timeout and a chance to regroup. D and I took this time today. There were many thoughts and feelings that were going too long unsaid. My favorite part of this day was us taking a chance to be honest with each other about these things, talk things out, and work through our difficulties, growing us closer again in our marriage and each other.

December 4th:

My favorite thing about this day is simple: it’s Friday. A weekend of freedom ahead! Always a blessing.

December 5th:

A good friend and his fiance came and hung out with us for the afternoon. We had a fire in our fire pit, played cribbage, smoked ribs and ate homemade wild rice soup and green bean casserole. It was so nice to forego the to-do lists and simply be in good company and relax.

December 6th:

Though there were many good things about today, my favorite was happening upon a live Nativity scene that was going on in town outside a church down the street from us. I saw it on the way to the grocery store and was so intrigued I raced home and told D. We bundled up and headed down to check it out. It was a very complete scene, with live donkeys, sheep, a baby cow and everything. Soft holiday hymns were playing in the background, there was hot chocolate and candy canes and donuts to enjoy. It was a beautiful way to wrap up a Sunday.


Life is good.


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