I Simply Remember My Favorite Things…

Sometimes I am struck by how much my days tend to run together. Whole weeks will go by and I will be left thinking “Well, not much happened this week,” or “I’m sooo glad this week is over”, and I go on and jump into the next thing without so much as a second glance.

In actuality, there were plenty of small things that went into that week, things that brought me joy and brought me sadness, brought me peace and calm or awakened an unrest in me. These events are recognized in their moment, then cast along as their successors arrive. This is a bit unfair to do, for as important as the big events are that mold a life, it is the little ones that bind it all together and make it complete.

One of the goals I am trying to keep in front of me is to live life intentionally. To not merely exist, but be an active participant in every aspect of my life. This can be difficult for me because I tend to be a person who is constantly thinking about the future, trying to determine how everything will turn out by constructing every scenario in my head. While this trait can be an attribute in certain situations, it also serves as a limitation by causing me to overlook and underappreciate the present. One cannot consider herself an active participant if her attention is constantly diverted elsewhere.

The holiday season focuses on renewing our joy, love, thankfulness. In the spirit of this, I am challenging myself to take time at the end of every day to reflect upon said day and to acknowledge what my favorite part was. To give each day a face and a name, so to speak, instead of just a number.

Here we go.


November 23rd: 

It wasn’t a bad day, but Monday’s have a way of being exhausting no matter what. I came home from work with every intention of doing productive things, but D convinced me to take a break “For just a little bit…” We sought refuge under the warm covers of our bed and cuddled, at times talking about nothing of great consequence and at times simply just being quiet. Quality time spent in the most basic of ways. This was my favorite part of the day.

November 24th:

In any given workday, we handle all kinds of situations: difficult clients, difficult patients, difficult cases. The stress level can run high. But on the flip side, the job also carries frequent stress relievers: grateful clients, happy patients, resolved cases. My favorite part of the day was pitbull puppy kisses. He had a very sore, sad leg. But he didn’t let it bring him down – he walked around giving out kisses and butt wiggles to anyone who asked.

November 25th:

My ‘recent’ project (ok, it might be taking me a few months longer than necessary…) is refurbishing some sad looking used bookshelves into respectable homes for my burgeoning book collection. My favorite part of the day was making strides towards their completion, adding a little character by learning how to place a nice trim at the top. Making old things new again is most rewarding.

November 26th:

Happy Thanksgiving! I have two favorite parts of this day (no one said that wasn’t allowed!)  First, spending a relaxing, cozy morning under a blanket on my chair, drinking coffee, reading inspiring blogs, and watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade for the first time in years. Second, spending some quality time my new family members, eating a good meal, playing cards, and being silly with my new niece and nephews.


November 27th:

One of the benefits of living out of town is having the time in the commute to sort of slip into readiness mode for the day, instead of jumping right in. It also gives me a chance to enjoy the beauty of mornings. There is not much snow on the ground yet, but we are waking up to a lot of beautiful frosty mornings. Enjoying that on my drive in was my favorite part of this Friday.

November 28th:

The best part of today was getting to spend some time with my sister, Rachel. We had some good conversations on life and marriage over coffee at 20Below Coffee downtown, then walked around a bit, stopped in a few shops, showing some support for ‘Small Business Saturday’. A good way to get started in the holiday spirit.

DSC_0945 (2)_1

November 29th:

My favorite part of the day is here, this evening, sitting here in a quiet, candlelit, freshly decorated Christmas house, sipping wine and some calming Enya playing in the background.

Life is good.


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