Last weekend, D and I decided to take a break from life and took a daytrip up to Itasca in the midst of our three-day Labor Day weekend. We’ve been talking about how we haven’t really “lived” in this summer, what with the wedding expenses and planning, the house expenses and planning, and work. So in the very spirit of Labor Day, we just took a break.

Fall is starting!
Fall is starting!


It was a very pleasant time. It down poured as soon as we arrived, as that tends to happen, but after it let up we enjoyed just walking around, talking, spending true quality time together.


          20150906_151901           20150906_163742

I had mandated at the beginning of the trip a no-technology rule – cellphones off (except for picture purposes), only the radio in the car, crinkled old road map. It made all the difference in how we experienced our short time away.

  20150906_172347 20150906_172334

 It’s always amazing (and a little sad) how more clearly you experience your surroundings once you unhandcuff yourself from your devices.


D was gone all this week for work, so I was left to my own devices at the house. I got to break in a couple of new additions to our little abode. D’s parents brought over an extremely generous wedding present – a (no longer elusive) kitchen island.


We found this at a consignment store a couple months ago and fell it love with it. But, as often material goods you fall in love with are, it was a little out of our price range. So we moved on. But we made the mistake of telling his parents about it and…now it is in our kitchen. Much, much too generous of them. But it is quickly becoming a staple there. Which is a good thing, because there ain’t no moving it – it’s darn heavy!

As if it wasn’t enough to get that present, D and his dad got my new porch swing that I got at my bridal shower from his grandma all set and hung up on the front porch. It has, of course, only made my favorite spot all the better.


I plan on staining it eventually, but have yet to decide on a color.

Other adventures this week: tackled all of the produce that has been collecting in our house from the garden. Unfortunately, I learned the hard way that fresh picked produce needs to be dealt with as soon as picked, otherwise it will be lost to mold and rot in no time.  But I did save quite a bit, lots of beans and cucumbers, and a few carrots and peas. Since we don’t have a canning outfit yet, it all got blanched and frozen with the help of another helpful early wedding gift – a Food Saver from my mom.


And I tried my hand at refrigerator pickles for the first time. Haven’t tried them yet because I want them to sit for a few days, so we’ll see!


Three weeks to the wedding – another big “oneday” almost met!


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