Like Two Peas in a Pod

Sundays. Quiet islands on the tossing seas of life.

S.W. Duffield

It would appear that I often write about Sundays. Or on Sundays. But I just love them so much. It may be perceived by some that I am attempting to master the art of a “lazy” Sunday, which I would, in turn, confirm that perception. Though not so much “lazy” as in doing nothing. More so in that after a long work week of feeling as though my time always belongs to anyone else but me,  I take time to slow down and do things that I truly enjoy, Hang out with the rest of the peas in my pod, so to speak.

Things I Enjoyed Today:


Garden score. Spent the early afternoon with dogs at the farm, rustling through the garden and I happened across our first cantaloupe! I was probably more excited then one should be for a piece of fruit. Our peas were big and beautiful too, so I picked a bunch of those. One project this week is preparing all these wares for freezing, since we don’t really have a canning operation yet. Also picked some carrots, cukes, and potatoes. I ignored the ostentatious zucchini again… Hopefully those won’t find a way into the garden line-up next year…

Unfortunately, my cantaloupe excitement dissipated quickly once I got it to the kitchen. Turns out it wasn’t quite ripe yet, and I was kicking myself for taking it too early. Ah well, live and learn.


Just being outside and at the farm was a blessing. The dogs had a grand time as well, until the heat pushed us home.


Front porch sittin’. Especially on a summery Sunday afternoon. And especially with coffee. I will miss this once winter comes…


Trying new recipes. And attempting to improve and perfect old ones. I have been trying to perfect this particular buttermilk ranch dressing recipe. This was the third attempt. Good, but not quite there yet. It’s time to start getting a little innovative with it, I think. I’ve also been starting to get in the tradition of making the week’s dessert on Sunday, trying out new sweets recipes each time, then eating through them throughout the wee. With D’s help too, of course. Today’s pick: Sour Cream Cookies.

The weekend also brought blessed time spent with John, Becca, and Mom, each of us newbies to the Barnesville Potato Days. I need to remind myself to take more time to spend with those who mean the most to me.

Also got a little quality time with my bow this evening, getting at least one sight sited in pretty well before the red sun went. Definitely one of my happy zones.

So I guess until the next one comes along, I will try to treat all my weekdays as sacredly as my Sundays.


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