Bows, Beans, and Bubble Baths

Finishing out the evening writing and reading with candles and a warm lavender scented bubble bath. Not a bad way to say goodbye to another Monday done.

I did also get a few more shelves painted in my bookshelf project, which D is being much too patient about me making headway on it. D’s dad donated three bookshelves to our cause that the college was getting rid of. They are homely as all get out, but my goal is to transform them with some paint. They’re big tall bookshelves, so will serve their purpose quite well. If I can stay focused enough to finish them. So much sanding…

In other news, I was finally able to figure out how to replace my arrows for my bow, so I have a half dozen new ones and a new sight to happily break in. D and I shot a little bit yesterday at the farm, but could not locate any of the proper tools to actually get the bow sighted in again, so it ended up more as a practice in grouping. I love to shoot my bow. I can’t really explain how it makes me feel, but it is certainly one of my happy places. I need a few more things in order to confirm my change in residency and then I can get on the path to fully participate in bow season.


We also started pulling a lot of harvest from the garden yesterday. A lot of beans, some pickling cucumbers, and zucchini, which I really need to get on better terms with and conquer. It is much to prolific to ignore, unfortunately. But it was a nice, cool afternoon spent picking and being at the farm. We are slowly starting to get hints of fall, which I love. Most beautiful time of the year.



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