Thoughts From a Run

I set out for a run today, my intention to run around this little town willy nilly in the name of working out. It was starting to sprinkle as I left the house, but I thought it was a bluff and continued on. At which point it turned into a full blown downpour. For the entirety of my run. I could have turned back or sought shelter somewheres to wait it out. But I had read somewhere about taking the opportunity to experience a run in the rain. So I did. And I’m so glad I did.

As I was running, I was thinking how I couldn’t remember the last time I had simply walked in the rain. As I’m sure is true for most, my time with rain is usually spent running away from it. Avoiding it because of the unfortunate affect it bestows on my previously tamed hair, cursing it when it’s timing always seems to be exactly when I want to get things done outside. It’s most often just a necessary nuisance.

But walking through that rain today (as my run had morphed into a walk, whoops), it felt refreshing. It felt like all of my senses were firing again. It’s amazing how the daily droll will numb so much.

It also made me think of how we’re always so concerned about being safe and comfortable. There is nothing wrong with that. But being so focused on that goal may make us miss out on true living. Taking risks, living out crazy ideas, experiencing instead of simply going through the motions. When so many people ask “why”, strive to ask “why not?” We weren’t put on this earth to live the exact same life as our neighbors.

Live adventurously. And walk in the rain.


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