A weekend finally spent at home. The last couple of weekends have been spent attending weddings – a coworker’s (at a venue D and I had considered but thankfully had passed over, interestingly enough) and my older brother’s. The latter was a very good shindig all around, and the occasion brought to town three out-of-town siblings and a chance to spend sweet time with my newest niece. It was great to have so much family time, especially as I feel time with D’s family has greatly overshadowed time spent with my own. I’ve grown fond of D’s family, but nothing can replace the familiarity of being close to one’s own. Geographical separation is to blame. It does make more accessible options for travel, however…

This Saturday was spent mostly in town running various errands. Today was more productive at the house. D did a very good job of getting the dog kennel finally floored with pavers. I did yard work, weeding and mowing. Tried my hand for the very first time at making fried chicken. For some reason, it always seemed like a daunting thing to make, but I used a recipe from Southern Living (because who better to ask than southerners on this topic) and it turned out a very good success. Quite a classic Sunday dinner.

Some friends of ours went out to the farm to finally plant their vegetables. Ours are already in, bit only preceding them by a few weeks. Hopefully we still get an ample harvest. We haven’t spent nearly as much time as we hoped out at the farm this year. I am hoping we’ll just let things be this year to focus on the house, the come up with a better plan over the winter for next year’s farm story. I love our little house, but there is always the country girl in me who needs to be let loose for a while.


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