When It Rains, It Pours

This weekend was spent doing bits and pieces around the house. Saturday was spent doing yard work – mowing, tending the flower beds. Dan put his best foot forward to try to start getting pavers put in to make the floor of the dog kennel, but he had to keep pausing for the little spurts of downpour that were playing cat-and-mouse with us all day, until finally it dumped 3 inches in the grand finale. This is what finally drove us inside. Though I must say, we were quite the troopers about it for most of the day. And it paid off! Our yard was dubbed Yard of the Week in Barnesville! We are quite proud. It helps to offset the unfortunate news that our dogs have been busy working themselves up a noise complaint with one of the neighbors. We feel a little like shamed parents…

Sunday was church at Gran, soaking up a little sun with breakfast on the back deck, buying a few more flowers at Thompson’s to replace a few of the sorry-looking ones that have gone the wrong direction. The rabbits apparently have taken a particular liking to one particular variety of the ornamental grasses out front. Might have to try some chili powder on the leaves should they choose to continue…


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