This Little House

What a busy, busy last couple of weeks, in which we officially became…homeowners! It has been very exciting and equally overwhelming. I am starting to learn that as a homeowner, you will never be caught up. There is always another thing to work on. But so far I am totally okay with that.

In the ideas department, I have been trying to get a general atmosphere in mind for each on the main floor at least. I’m thinking the classic cozy library feel to the library. Framed book quotes on the walls, a big rug with a comfy chair in the middle of the room. D’s dad had some old, tall bookshelves from the college that they were getting rid of that we’ll use for the room. They sorely need to be refinished and the years of accumulated stickers removed, but I feel they will work just fine after a little bit of love. I’m taking this room slow because it’s my most anticipated room.

For the living room, I figured I’d try to do a toned down outdoorsy/sportsman theme, to help create a space D might enjoy too. It would be easier to dive into this one if we had our final living room furniture. The dining room…well, I haven’t really truly decided on a theme for that one yet. I’ll end up using the dining room table/chairs as a jumping off point. D and I went to a JunkMarket event at the RRVF grounds a couple of weekends ago and found some re-done and upcycled wooden chairs. They are all mismatched, but work really well around the dining table I refinished.

Our bedroom is going to be our first major project. The previous owners did a sloppy job when they painted the room. We want to change the green color anyway, so we plan to repaint, then refinish or repaint the baseboards and trim and add trim where the wall meets the ceiling. The closet needs some work as well. D figures this is a good room to start with because it’s not one where guests would usually go into so if we screw up, it’s not glaring at everyone.

The yard has needed a little love as well, but we’ve actually made the most progress there I think. D has mowed a couple of times, moved the dog kennel in and plans to finish that up by putting pavers in. I got the front flowerbeds planted with our haul from Thompsons’ Greenery just down the road. I’m planning to put in a little herb garden in the bed by the garage, and D has planted some vegetables in the garden space leftover after the kennel was moved in.

As of right now, our farm garden and farm stuff is essentially on hold. We’re waiting for the neighbor to run a plow through the new garden so we can plant – it’s been so rainy lately it’s been too wet for them to come through. Hopefully they get it done soon though, because now is the time to get things in. Our focus has shifted for a while it seems with the house developments taking over, but hopefully we can still maintain a ‘farm life’ too.

Lists, lists, and more lists. Adding things and crossing thing off. Boredom should be in short supply anyway!


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