That Elusive Patience

Another weekend filled with planning, planning, and more planning. It’s hard sometimes to be patient and remember that all this talk will one day bloom to realities. But it’s the necessary part of any dreams – to plan and revise and learn, over and over. It’s sort of like relationships, in that you can’t know your true commitment to something until you been over many routes with it. Good and bad, frustrating and rewarding.

We spent yesterday and today searching for a replacement island for the soon-to-be “our kitchen”. The sellers of the house didn’t want to include the current one with the house, so we’ve been scouring antique stores and thrift stores and furniture for our own. It has not been very fruitful as of yet, but it is giving us ideas on the rest of our future furnishings of the house. It’s hard not to let your ideas get away from you, as money will inevitably force us to practice a certain level of restraint in the area. But it’s so exciting to have a project like this in front of us, though it will no doubt come with it’s share of headaches. Unfortunately, D is bearing the majority of the headaches right now. He’s handling it like a trooper despite, being a steady pillar to my…well…admittedly shakey one. Sometimes our ying and yang-edness is uncanny. I wish I was better at expressing my gratitude to him for all he does.

We’ve also been discussing more farm business. We went to TSC today because they were supposed to have chicks in. They won’t have any in until later this week. Which is just as well, because I don’t think the farm is quite ready for them yet, with all the changes D is planning to do. The chicks wouldn’t be coop ready for at least a month, but the coop still needs to be disassembled and reassembled in the new location and the enclosure revised some. It would be helpful if that nice spring weather would come back. D and I were talking about mixing the breeds this year to do six egg layers and try six broilers this year, instead of the dozen Rhodies he got last year. We’re hoping to get a rooster out of the bunch somewhere too. All of them last year were females.

Hopefully we can make a little progress on the pig front as well. Maybe we could do without adding more to our already cramped plate, but it would be fun to add another layer to the farm. The first year it was the garden, then we added chickens the next year. Now hopefully the pigs. D says his dad knows someone who might give us a few runts for free. Free is good.

So we are certainly keeping our brains busy. But I’m itching to get to the next phase. Getting into the house and working on the garden and finally getting to experience the results of all this tedious wedding planning. Step by step.


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