Counting Stars

Dreams…dreams…sometimes it seems I’m haunted by my dreams.

Dreams…dreams…sometimes it seems I’ve been saved by my dreams..

You are the one who controls how you perceive and react to the inevitable chaos of life.

Find strength in every little triumph. Be humbled by every fall. Start counting blessings instead of counting setbacks. Don’t let the focus of the destination cause you to overlook the beauty of the journey. Keep your creativity close by at all times. Don’t let instant gratification win everytime. Look for ways to continuously enrich your life, instead of simply existing. Have fun.

I write these thoughts to serve as a reminder to myself, for when I’m in the thick of these adventures that will make up this new chapter of my life:

The House: We are very close to putting an offer in on our very first house. There is so much excitement for having a place to finally call our own and to have the freedom to create our very own little world to escape to and to find refuge from this big world. It comes paired with it’s own bucketful of new responsibilities and challenges that we will need to learn how to take in strides and patience.

The Marriage: Another essentially foreign adventure in it’s own right. As silly as it may seem, I honestly do not know what expectations to put on this one. My hopes are to continuously hone a friendship, a partnership, and a love story. To get to know this new other half of me as well as I have gotten to know the original over the past 27 years. It will come with it’s own unique set of challenges to be sure, but hopefully just as many unique joys.

The Farm: This is the adventure I like to call my “Wild Child” adventure. This is the adventure, at this point in time, that I am most passionate and excited about. This is where I feel my creativity and skills will flourish. It will also be the adventure that will constantly test and ultimately determine my ability to adapt and make best use of the chaos and unpredictability the universe will no doubt dish out.

The last thing I would like to remind myself to do is to draw from the inspiration of others. I have started to create a small base of figures whom I respect and whose counsel (be it direct or indirect) I’m learning to seek when my confidence and strength starts to waiver. Whether these be the strong women in the hunting/fishing/outdoorsy world or close friends, they teach me to slow down and not be afraid to go for what I want, and to go in with the attitude of not believing for an instant that you can’t do what you are setting out to do.


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