Whatever happened to waitin’ your turn, doin’ it all by hand? Cuz when everything is handed to you, it’s only worth as much as the time put in…

D and I spent our Sunday afternoon refinishing my kitchen table (hiding from the cold was a fringe benefit – the subzero temperatures have severely overstayed their welcome). It’s an old table that I bought at a thrift store years ago for cheap. It’s never been an attractive table, with it’s shoddy paint job and overall classification as ‘rickety’, but it does it’s job and I have grown a certain fondness for it.

Underneath the layers of paint was a hidden beauty. We stripped it down, piece by piece, and then restained it. It wasn’t easy, getting all of that old paint off. It involved hours of sanding and everything in the cabin was in thick layers of dust by the end (including us and the dogs, to their chagrin). But to see the finished result of that hard work was so rewarding. And to turn an old, worn thing and make it new again – it’s a humbling experience.

We spend so much time looking for the next new thing. We get bored easily and seem to thrive off novelty. We go to the big box stores and buy the newest colors and trends, only to end up there months later rebuying these same things. But we end up bypassing so many important things with these habits – practicing patience, practicing gratefulness and appreciativeness, learning and perfecting skills. Things like remaking old goods or making a meal entirely from scratch or building something from bare materials – it seems an almost luxury in this fast-paced world. How ironic that simplicity has turned into a luxury…

May I forever strive to lead and live a wholesome life.


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