Chasing Someday…

I came across this phrase one day, while searching for new music on Spotify. It’s the name of an album by Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors. Simple though it is, and random though it’s finding was, it resonated in me. This is me. This is where I’m at. It seems as though everything I do these days is to work to achieve a future someday. Someday on our wedding day… Someday when we get the keys to our new house… Someday when we build up the farm…

It’s very much the “In which Caitlin attempts to make dreams into reality” era of my life.

It’s a bumpy road.

It strikes me ironic though, that I view this as an ‘era’ of my life. Isn’t that what we do from the day we are born? As humans, we are always working to achieve a greater means. If not actively, then at least in the mindset. Perhaps because, for the first time, the deeper rooted dreams of mine actually may be piecing together (as unattainable though they may seem at any given hour of any day). Undoubtedly, pieces will fall apart and new ones cycled in. New dreams will surface. Then, as that goes, perhaps the hidden take-home point of the matter is as they say…it’s not the destination, but the journey that puts the life in your life. Or something like that.


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